Just how much “in need” does someone need to be to call on the Angel Network?

We work with people who have a “temporary” setback in their lives and could use an extra set of hands. That temporary setback can mean anything from a sprained ankle to the flu. It could include rides to the library if the recipient is unable to drive due to meds, walk your dog while you are on the mend and on and on and on.

I would love to help out but my cooking skills are somewhat limited. Other than cooking and driving, what could I do to help out?

The list of opportunities to help out another person in Sudbury is endless. Just think back to when you had a cold or flu and concentrate of what you really needed. A prescription picked up at the pharmacy. Trash barrels put out and taken in the next day. Phone contact for someone newly released from the hospital. A few groceries just to have when you felt up to eating. Sometimes a person’s only connection to the outside world while in recovery is their computer - need someone to take a look and see if they can fix that problem with email? Maybe the Angels have just the person you need.

I’d like to see my kids in high school do some volunteer work in town. Any suggestions?

We also have the Lincoln-Sudbury Angels at Lincoln-Subury High School. They can put up a Christmas tree, decorations and all, for someone dealing with arthritis and can't manage this task on their own. How about wrapping gifts for this same person? They can rake lawns. They can shovel a driveway. Whatever chores your kids do at home can probably be turned into an Angel activity. The best part is the Sudbury Angel Network has been approved by the Superintendent of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School as an accepted way to earn the community service credits that your students needs to graduate.

How much time do I have to commit to if I signup to be an Angel?

That decision is 100% up to you. You will receive an email when a new need is listed and you either take the time to look at it or you don’t. You can signup as a volunteer to do a specifc activity or not. We work around your busy schedule.

When I sign in, I don't see any needs to fill. Am I doing something wrong?

No. When you visit the site and see any needs to sign up for, that is because there aren't any unfilled needs at the current time. The application uses the word "activity" which is what we call a "need". You can also check the calendar at the site. It there are NO green dates on the calendar, there are no needs to be filled.

When there are no needs to be filled, here is what is displayed:
I want to help with a specific activity: No current activities
I want to help with a specific type of activity: No current activities