Angel Services
The Sudbury Angels are prepared to assist with meals for you and your family up to three times a week when facing a short term emergency in your life.  These meals are prepared in the volunteer’s home not in the recipient’s home and they are delivered hot and ready to eat at the recipient’s requested time frame. The recipient MUST commit to having someone there each and every time to accept these meals.  Many times we request that the meals be large enough so the recipient has leftovers for the next day.  Our goal is to get you thru this temporary setback.

We can offer many ways to help out but we cannot be a long term solution to a very real problem.  We cannot be a cleaning service but someone may be able to help fold laundry and vacuum on occasion (i.e., once or twice a week.)

For safety reasons, we are unable to offer child care services.  Obviously, the safety of our children will always be a major concern.  

Peapod is a great online service to have groceries delivered if a recipient or family member might be comfortable with this.  I believe Sudbury Farms also offers this service.  I always recommend that, if possible, the recipient/family member try these services and use the Angels for their other needs.


If you are a family in need, please contact the Angels.  You can tell us what you need and we can then figure out what we are able to do to help you.  Prepared and delivered meals that you have selected can make your life a bit easier when dealing with a crisis.  A weekly/bi weekly ride to physical therapy enables the recipient’s partner to not have to take more time away from work. 

We should not be considered a cleaning service or a car service.  We “help out” when needed and that need is reviewed and discussed with the family in question and a determination is then made as to how the family might benefit from the services of the Sudbury Angels.

Click here to contact us if you think we can be of help.